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A 90s Love Story

The 90s era was definitely one of the best eras of all time. From R&B and Hip Hop to some of the most unique hairstyles like finger waves and french rolls. Long press on nails, gold teeth, and the best house parties.

There were so many things that made the 90s great, but one thing in particular, that went the hardest was the love!

Thug passion and lovemaking all night long from a 90s man was real, especially with the right woman on his side.

La’Nisha experiences firsthand just what it feels like to receive real love from a thug when Quincy walks into her life. While stuck in an engagement with her much older fiancé, LJ, which doesn’t seem to be progressing, La’Nisha finds herself feeling trapped and lonely.

LJ, a record label producer, doesn’t have time for anything else but music and the wild fetish that he has for underaged girls, leaving La’Nisha heartbroken and confused about that status of their relationship.

She craves the type of love that her best friends Kat and Jamar have, and when Quincy turns on his thuggish charm and sweeps her off of her feet, she slowly falls from the emotional grip that LJ has on her.
However, gossip travels fast, and when LJ gets an earful of his fiancée’s love affair, all hell will break loose!

The tables will turn, and La’Nisha will find herself cornered in a dangerous love triangle.

Oh yes! There will be drama!