A Criminal Love Couples 2

In typical A Criminal Love fashion, Kayman and Lane are still doing their thing. The two have settled into their life together, and after the birth of their daughter, Kennedy, things finally feel complete.
Wanting to branch off on her own and get back to her roots, Lane starts her own photography business, which is the perfect way for her to spread her wings, while keeping her daughter close.
With Kayman, it’s business as usual. Although he, Karter, King, Royal, and Shine are slowly transitioning themselves to do less, when duty calls, Kayman has to answer.
What the two don’t expect is all of the twists and turns that life is about to throw at them.
Kayman and Karter’s father has created a problem for the whole family, that could cause Karter to have to take his own father’s life or possibly lose his own. Not to mention, their mother and sister might be at risk as well. Add in the fact that Kay’s business connections put Lane in a delicate situation, and Kayman has his hands full trying to balance life at home and in the streets.
The gang’s still going strong, but Lane and Kay have to stick together and depend on each other in order to survive everything that’s forcing its way into their world. Through it all, Lane realizes that loving a street king isn’t always easy.