A Kingpin's Dynasty 2

Dynasty finally found out the secret her best friend Ruthie kept hidden all these years. Not only that, but Block is aware that she is the one who murdered his cousin years ago. Still trying to come to grips with her freedom, people from the past are doing everything to force her hand. Quana wants her locked back up, and Ruthie wants to continue making her life miserable; just because. She can’t seem to catch a break, and with her and Menace getting closer, things around them are beginning to crumble.

Menace is on the hunt to find his sister Taylor, but in the midst of it all, Quana is still bombarding her way in his life for different reasons. When he doesn’t give into her demands, she links up with two of his enemies in a plot to take him down. She’ll soon realize that every enemy, is not a good enemy.

Joakim is still dealing with Candy’s childish behavior. That is until he’s had enough and puts a stop to it. Unfortunately, she does something that will cause him to almost take her life in public. Little does she know, someone very close to her is working with him, to make sure she suffers too.

Jen and Valley are the perfect couple, and with the wedding approaching quickly, someone is trying very hard to get Jen’s attention. Valley finds out a secret she’s keeping by accident and doesn’t tell her. However, will him holding it in, hurt her in the long run?