A Kingpin's Dynasty

Dynasty Sutton is a twenty four year old woman who has suffered a lot in her young life. All she wants to do is move on from her past and start over. Unfortunately, there are people who feel she hasn’t paid for her sins and will stop at nothing to make sure she does. The battle never ends and the one she considered her best friend reveals a secret she’s kept hidden for years.

Menace is the man in the streets and like always, women want him. However; he loves Quana and has done any and everything to keep her happy. Unfortunately; she isn’t the woman he fell in love with and he begins to distance himself from her. He crosses paths with a woman he’s never seen before and instead of exchanging numbers, they go their separate ways. They do meet again, and things don’t go as planned.

Joakim and Taylor have been doing well keeping their relationship under wraps. That is until he falls victim to another woman and she claims he fathered her child. Not wanting a kid with her, not only causes turmoil with Taylor but drives her straight into the arms of someone else. A person who will have a few surprises of his own.