A Miami Love Tale 2

Miami’s favorite hood couples are back! This time with a lot more drama then the first time.
In the first installment, we were introduced to our three favorite Miami couples, who kept you on the edge of your seat the whole way through.
Did Imani really go through with getting the abortion? And if so, will Rashard be able to look past that and be able to move on with Mani? There are outsiders, looking in trying to take Shard from Imani. Will she be forced to fight for her love or will she just be left with no choice and just walk away.
Sincere and Nae are back at it again. This time around, it’s Sincere that’s doing the dirt. Will those late night studio sessions cause him his marriage or will he be smart enough and stop letting the sun beat him home.
Lastly, is Breesha and Dontae, the hood’s favorite couple. People have been sleep on Dontae and didn’t realize that they’ve just awaken a sleeping beast. Sometimes for your family, you have no choice but to go ahead and get your hands dirty. Which is exactly what Dontae was pushed to do.
Take a ride with Miami’s favorite couples and see why they are the talk of the streets. Filled with that thug love, drama, and bonds that can’t be broken. This book is liable to make you shed a few tears, laugh, and be able to love the characters even more!