A Miami Love Tale

There’s no such thing as a perfect love, but what these Miami couples have going on, there the closest thing to perfection. With every relationship, there will always be outsiders trying to break up what you and your partner are trying to build.
Meet Breesha. Breesha is a young sexy, independent female that lives by the code “niggas ain’t shit”, that’s before she meets the infamous Dontae Harris. Dontae comes into Breesha’s life and quickly knocks down all walls and proved to her that he could be the man she needs him to be. With a crazy baby mama in the way, will she run Breesha away or will Breesha have to go down and fight for her man?
Imani, better known as Mani, is a sweet, innocent 21 year old who attends University of Miami. Imani’s life revolves around going to school and keeping her head in the books, that is until she meets the young and sexy Rashard Lewis. Can Imani handle a man like Rashard and will he turn her out in the process?
Last but not least, meet Brenae, married to the famous Sincere O’Neal. Sincere and Brenae have been married for 3 years but they’ve been together since teenagers. Brenae can’t help but feel as if Sincere puts his job before her. Will his long working hours drive Brenae to the arms of another man or will she be able to stick it out for him?
Take a ride with the hottest couples in Miami. This book will make you laugh, cry, and even make you want to slap some sense into some of the characters. Filled with drama, sex, and a little bit of rachetness.