A Street King and His Shawty 2

Now that Allison found out what Josiah tried hard to keep hidden, she becomes upset and ends up in the arms of the enemy. Josiah can’t seem to get it right with her and believes he’s lost her for good. Can they find their way back to each other or is the hurt too deep to try again?

Ace is still coming for what he feels is his and that’s the empire Josiah and Dew built but when his friend goes missing he needs to come up with another plan, and fast.

Layla and Dew have the fairytale relationship but she continues to act off impulse which lands her in a jail cell and eventually alone. He finds himself struggling being away from her but he knows his decision is what’s best. Layla begs for forgiveness but will Dew take her back or continue enjoying the newly single life?

Kayla is wrapped up in Josh, who has become obsessed with Allison even more and tries anything to get her back. She finds out who he’s working with and brings the information to Josiah but will it be too late?