A Street King and His Shawty

Allison Bridges had a lot going for herself. She was smart, has a great job, her own place, and working her way up the corporate ladder. Unfortunately, her personal life is in shambles, but one wouldn’t know just by looking at her. The man she’s with was everything she wanted in the beginning. However, all that glitters isn’t gold, and Josh has proven time and time again that a good man is hard to find. His true colors are showing, and Allison is ready to break free. She’s afraid of being alone, but staying is no longer an option.

Josiah is the definition of a street dude in every way. He didn’t work by anyone’s rules, but his own, and that alone kept him rich and alive. Never wanting to be in a relationship, he finds himself falling for who he considers to be his enemy. His best friend Dew tells him to stop fighting his feelings for her, and when he does, his secrets come to light, leaving the one person he loves to decide if he’s worth the heartbreak.

Layla has grown up with Dew and Josiah all her life and considers them her brothers. She will go to the war for them, but in the end, one of them will hurt her in a way she could never imagine. In return, she wants to do the same to him, but is cut short when she puts herself in harm’s way. Take a journey in the life of a street king and his shawty, and see these individuals tackle love, lies, betrayal, and deception to see who comes out on top.