All Eyes on the Crown 2

MJ finds out who came for him at the party but he also knows, the person couldn’t have pulled it off on his own. Therefore, bringing the savage out in him even more and sending him on a rampage. Carlotta is still missing, and it’s now a race against time to find out if she’s really pregnant and if MJ, is indeed the father. However, he still hasn’t revealed the truth to Morgan, who is under the assumption he cheated and wants nothing to do with him. Will MJ swallow his pride and confess or leave it alone and lose Morgan in the process?

Gabby suffers a traumatic loss by the hands of Alex’s sister. It causes her to take a step away from the Rodriquez family. She no longer wants any parts of them; including Alex, who won’t allow her to leave him.

AJ is caught in the middle of a situation that will cause him to make a decision. He’ll need to choose if he should be there for his family or his friend DJ and his family, after the unthinkable happens.

With so many secrets coming out, will anyone be ready for the one that PJ sheds light on? Is he the reason all of this chaos is happening? Find out the truth behind his deception and the reason he was with Gabby to begin with.