Blame It On His Gangsta Luv 2

Yariah and Caleek finally took the step at being a couple. They made future plans and were now expecting their own bundle of joy. Nothing or no one could ruin their happiness except Tasheem who popped up outta nowhere.

Caleek is stuck between his past and future because he doesn’t know who to believe. Can he forgive Yariah if it comes out she’s the one who abducted his ex or will he dig deeper and find the truth to clear her name?

Tasheem returned from the dead, however; she was alive and well. Of course, she accused Yariah as being the woman who committed the acts on her but is she right? Did the woman she despised years ago conspire to have her killed? In Tasheem’s mind, her accusation is correct until they go to court and something makes her doubt everything she thought she knew.

Cazi took a DNA test for Destiny, yet the results are not what he expected. With Amara stuck in the hospital, time is of the essence for him to reveal the truth. He doesn’t want to cause her any pain, but he finds out some disturbing things his wife has done in the past and will have to find a way to handle it. He now has to step up and do what’s right but what happens when he tries, and it’s too late?