Blame It On His Gangsta Luv

Caleek Simms has everything going for himself. He had money, the perfect woman and what he considered the perfect life. One would assume he’d be happy, but it was far from the truth because the woman he really wanted, he couldn’t have. That is until someone took away his longtime love and placed his true love in front of him. However; the past never seems to stay there and when it starts to resurface will he be able to handle the truth?

Yariah Perry grew up in a two-parent household, but behind closed doors, it wasn’t the picture perfect family one would think. Having an alcoholic mother who was abusive to her and her father took a toll on her. No matter how much love she gave her mother, it never seemed to be good enough.

Lo and behold her knight and shining armor came around, lifted her spirits and made her believe she could be loved. Unfortunately; just as the two of them make things official, they’re hit with a bombshell that will question everything they’ve felt for one another. Find out if they can keep their Gangsta Luv going or is it best to let it go.