Catching Feelings for the Plug 2

In the 2nd installment of “Catching Feelings for The Plug,” the drama picks right back up where Toy left it.

Satch is bringing more misery to Talia’s life in death than when he was alive because Talia can’t catch a break. Who set the fires? There’s an old wive’s tale that says, “things get worse before they get better.” Nothing can be more true for Talia because she finds herself in more trouble that even Marsean may not be able to help her get out off.

When Marsean came to town, he only wanted to pay his respects, find his missing drugs and money then go on with his life, but after meeting Talia, Marsean starts to wonder did he bite off more than he could chew. Is Thalia really a damsel in distress, or does she like dancing with trouble and plays the victim? However, when competition arises for him, will he walk away or fight for Talia?

Toxin has never believed in committed relationships. He felt that relationships were overrated and more of a hassle. However, the same woman that he told face to face that she was not wifey material has Toxin acting out of character. He fights with his emotions internally. When tragedy strikes and she is his crutch, will he let that wall down or will Toxin continue to fight with what the heart already wants?

One thing is certain; you can never be sure of anything “When You Start Catching Feelings For The Plug 2.”