Catching Feelings for the Plug 3

In the third installment of “Catching Feelings for The Plug 3,” Talia is fighting for her freedom. She thinks this is her biggest battle to date; however, she doesn’t know that enemies are lurking to handle what the court of law may not. Will Talia walk away with her freedom, only to have her life taken, or will she once again beat all odds and come out unscathed and victorious?

Marsean is fighting for his family, Talia, and their unborn baby. There are no limits to the lengths that Marsean will go to protect what is his. Marsean is stretched in many different directions. With enemies jumping out of every corner, there is no way that Marsean can be everywhere for everyone all the time. However, Marsean will show the world how and why he is The Plug in the finale. No stone will be left unturned to expose and eliminate all possible threats to his family.

Toxin is fighting for his empire. He knew he would be tested; he just never expected his comrades to be caught in the crossfire. With a heavy, guilt-filled heart, Toxin sets out for revenge and vindication. He is determined to set an example for anyone who thinks they can rise against him.

Shonda is fighting for her respect. She is aware of the stigma that you can’t turn a h*@ into a housewife, but she refuses to accept that as her reality. Shonda has learned her worth and refuses to let anyone take that from her. Will she get side-tracked when she catches feelings for the plug?