Cold Summer 2

Summer feels like her world is crashing down when she finds out her sister is missing and she’s ready to go on a warpath. With no clue on who took her sister or why, she starts to blame the people around her. Fatz isn’t feeling the way she’s been acting, and he has no problem letting her know, which has them damn near at war with each other. Will Summer realize that the people around her aren’t her enemies or will relationships be destroyed?

Autumn doesn’t know if she’s coming or going since she was taken, but she’s determined to survive. She blames Zavian for what she’s going through, but she still loves him with everything in her and makes a vow to get revenge on Deja by any means necessary. Will this situation bring her and Zavian closer? Or has too much happened?

Adriana is holding a terrible secret from the people around her, and she’s in so deep, that she doesn’t know if she’ll make it out. Will everything backfire in her face? Or will she be able to gain control of the situation and keep her secret?

Lies, sex, drama, murder and a whole lot more fill the pages of this jam-packed savage love story. One thing is for certain, these people all love each other, but sometimes, love just isn’t enough.