Down With the King of the South 2

One would think that after all of the heartbreaks that Jashae took in part one, that things get easier. That’s not the case though, because things continue to take a downward spiral in Jashae’s life. On the brighter hand, she just might be ready to be down with the King of the South. There is no denying the chemistry between Jashae and Miami. The two are pretty much meant to be together. I think we all can agree that Miami’s plan to move back home was long overdue so that he could make claims on his woman. The thing is, for so long, everyone in Miami knew Jashae as Trip’s girl, so there aren’t many people who wanted to see the two of them together. They literally have to fight everyone against them if they want this thing to work.

On the opposing side, we have Mahogany and Jabari. Two people who aren’t necessarily opposed to love, but they’re just scared to fall in love. They are indeed a perfect match, but they come with a lot of baggage. Jabari has never in his life been a one-woman man, so all of this is new to him. There just might be that one thing that happens, that leaves the two of them with no choice but to stick it out and make this thing work after all.