Down With the King of the South 3

The things that Jashae has undergone in months is equivalent to a lifetime of pain, heartbreak, and turmoil for the average person. Some may even wonder how she’s still able to cope with life. How is it that this woman hasn’t lost her sanity yet?

With this new revelation regarding Trip’s daughter, Maya, Jashae is once again caught in a world of hurt and confusion. She has every right to feel angry, betrayed, and let down, but in the end, this is a child. An innocent child who has already been neglected and mistreated.

What’s a woman to do for a child who doesn’t share her bloodline but has the same bloodline as Giovonte? Jashae’s back is definitely against the wall, and this is a decision that she not only has to make for herself, but she has to consider Miami’s feelings as well.

Then, we have Mahogany and Jabari. Two adults who have jumped headfirst into love and are on the verge of becoming new parents. I think we can all agree that we’re rooting for these two. Preparing for a new baby and taking a chance on love is transformational for them both. It’s still fresh, so when an ex from Jabari’s past pops up, can she slowly destroy this union before it really gets started? Can things about Jabari and his ex be enough for Mahogany to bow out, or will she stand her ground in Jabari’s life and stay down with him no matter what?