Down With the King of the South 4

The love that we have for these characters continues to grow, but sadly, this series must come to an end. After so many heartbreaks, pain, and even some misery, this is a chapter that finally closes. From the very beginning, Jashae has had it bad. One of the hardest things that she has endured was the loss of her son, Vonte. As if that wasn’t enough, she’s battling with Trip and his narcissistic ways and lack of sympathy. We are all rooting for Jashae to get that happily ever after because she deserves it.

Then we have Mahogany and Jabari. They just welcomed a beautiful baby girl, and I’m sure the world is wondering how these two are handling parenthood. These are two people who had never even thought about having children. What I can say is that Mahogany is experiencing everything that comes with postpartum depression. Let’s hope that her depression doesn’t lead her into doing something crazy to her or that beautiful baby.

Take one last ride with your favorite characters from Down with the king of the South. It’s guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, and more than likely make you cry again.