Fallin' for a Westside Dope Boy 2

Emotions are high after Danielle made a devastating decision to protect the love of her life. She was more than willing to stand up for the man who has had her heart since the moment she saw him, even if standing behind him meant spending years in jail. In everyone else’s eyes, she’s a fool, but to Danielle, she made the right decision and would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Guess one could say she was a fool in love.

Dallas never wanted Danielle to get sucked up into his crazy lifestyle. With so many regrets weighing on him, the main one being how he couldn’t protect Danielle when she needed it the most, Dallas does the unthinkable. Their relationship was rocky from the start, and now with the separation between the two, they will see there’s always room for more to come between them.

What happens when the man who was once your superhero turns out to be the villain? On top of her personal life drama, Danielle and her brother, Reggie, find out a devastating secret about their father that leaves them speechless. As more drama surrounds them, enemies are coming out of nowhere, relationships are ending, and unexpected relationships are growing.

In this Epic part two, everyone learns something new about their life. The past can either mold you or make you fold, and in the end, only the strong will survive. Will love be enough to fight for, or will they leave love exactly where they found it, on the mean streets of the Westside of Chicago?