Fallin' For A Westside Dope Boy 3

At the end of part two, Dallas was left seeing Danielle in a new light. Unsure of whether their bond was strong enough to withstand the wrongs that had been done, he decides to do what any man in his position would do- eliminate the problem.

Having worked too hard to finally be together, it’s hard to just let things go. Unfortunately, one mistake may be too much to overlook. Once the light is shone on all their secrets and truths are revealed, will they get past it, or will it cost them everything?

Reggie and Shannon’s love was one that was unexpected, but it becomes evident that they’re determined to let nothing tear them apart… not even someone from the past who refuses to let go.

Forgiveness and communication in their relationships are what they’ll need to survive their problems. Will these couples follow the rules of love, or will these dope boys get returned to the Westside where they will live out the rest of their dope boy days? Find out in the Finale of Fallin’ For a Westside Dope Boy 3.