Fallin' For A Westside Dope Boy

Eighteen-year-old Danielle just graduated high school and got accepted into the top college of her choice. She planned to enjoy this summer to the fullest. The main thing on her agenda is her brother’s best friend, Dallas. Dallas is a local dope boy who all the chicks in the hood wanted. With him being her brother’s best friend, that also means he is off limits, but that’s not stopping Danielle.

Dallas is just a simple dope boy trying to make it and take care of his family. Danielle was the furthest thing from his mind until she started demanding attention. Throwing herself at him in public was only the half, she also had some tricks up her sleeves behind closed doors too. Knowing that taking things further with Danielle would ruin his friendship, but that may be a risk he had to take for love.

A deadly situation happens in front of Danielle’s eyes and causes her to react before thinking. With a life hanging on the line, will Danielle see that this lifestyle isn’t what she needs or will she choose love and possibly lose everything she worked hard for? Love is a crazy game, and it can sometimes lead you on the road to destruction. Danielle and Dallas have that crazy love for each other, but love won’t be enough in the end when you have everything to lose at stake.