Fighting for Us

There’s an old quote that goes, “What hurts more than losing you is knowing you’re not fighting to keep me.” Kenya Ross and Trevonte “Dread” Ross are the Miami couple that everyone would consider “relationship goals.” The couple has been together for fourteen years,, and as deeply as they love each other, they just can’t seem to get it right.

Kenya is one of the top real estate agents in Miami, Florida, and her job it takes up a lot of her time, making her unintentionally slack on her motherly and wifely duties. Trevonte owns soul food businesses throughout Miami, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, but he still manages his time to be there for his wife and children. In this marriage, we will see firsthand all the curve balls that this couple will go through.

The pressure of balancing work and family causes Kenya to do the ultimate thing that could end her marriage. Find out if this love is even worth fighting for. Will this beautiful couple who share children and love be able to overcome the hardships that will be thrown their way?