Finding My Way Back to Love 2

“One of the secrets, Mustafa didn’t even know about, because if he did, I’m pretty sure that I would have already been dead by now. The way skeletons like to pop out the closet around here, I’m pretty sure that that secret will resurface one day, although I was hoping that it never had to.”

Kennedy spoke those words in part one of Finding my Way Back to Love, but what was she talking about? What is this secret that Kennedy’s speaking of that Paris is the only one to know about? Along with that, we left off with Mustafa leaving Logan at the altar. The drama doesn’t just end there. He will have to eventually face Logan, and they have to somehow come to some sort of agreement.

Mustafa has made it clear that he wants his family back, but sometimes, it’s just not that easy. If Mustafa and Kennedy can get it right, they can actually be one of the best couples around, but the secret that she’s been holding in won’t stay buried much longer. Everyone wants nothing more but for Mustafa Strong and Kennedy Strong to become one again, but do they really have what it takes to cross that line and become a family again?