For My Thug

After College, Chance, Dayton, and Choice continued in their careers and building their futures. Chance continued with her modeling, which brought some interesting people into her life, not to mention a person from her past who managed to set Chance back a few steps. However, her sister, Choice, had her back as always. The James sisters were determined to be in each other’s corners while getting through the storms that life sent their way.

Meanwhile, Dayton enjoyed having his wife support him in his decision to keep his operation going after linking up with Dahlia as his plug. He even appreciated Choice frequenting Birmingham, Alabama, to keep Chance company, but he wasn’t prepared for the chaos that their presence in Alabama would bring. Dayton never thought that going home to help out his childhood friends and big brother, Braxton, would bring car chases, setups, drive-bys, and damn sure not more infidelity issues. Dayton fought through it all and kept his mind on what was important to him, which was his family.