Giving Love A Try

We were introduced to Emory Strong and Alani Shaw in the Finding My Way Back to Love series. This is a young, sexy couple, who decides to give love a try for the first time, but they just can’t seem to get it right. Their relationship ended before it really began.

Alani was the first woman that Emory had ever given his all to, and because of her betrayal, he feels that he cannot trust her. Without trust, there isn’t much of a relationship.

Emory and Alani were meant to be together, but it’s almost as if Emory doesn’t believe that anymore. Can one mistake that Alani made be enough for her to get her walking papers? Will Emory finally find it in his heart to forgive Alani so they can finally give love a try and get that perfect, happily ever after that they so rightfully deserve? There’s no doubt that Emory loves Alani, but just because you love someone doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be together.