Hakeem & Tasia

Hakeem was an all-American ball player who had offers for a full ride to just about every Division 1 School across the country. Then suddenly everything in his life changes when his parents are tragically killed in a fatal car accident, leaving him to care for himself and his twelve-year-old sister, Kaliyah. Seven years later, Hakeem is a senior at Essex County College, Kaliyah is about to graduate from high school and Hakeem is supporting them by working for Simuel, a local drug dealer.

Tasia has been in love with Hakeem since freshman year when he came strolling in her Literature class, taking the seat that she had already claimed. Although she could see ther feelings were mutual, through the years they never seemed to be able to find their way to each other. Now months away from graduation, Tasia has an encounter that causes Hakeem to place Tasia under his protection.

With graduation approaching, Tasia’s dreams of moving to New York to become a fashion designer are more important than ever. But Tasia knows that Hakeem will never leave the streets alone, especially now that he has agreed to take over for Simuel. With a choice between being whether to follow her dreams or be the sheltered girlfriend of a thug weighing heavily on her mind, she has a tough choice to make. And her decision could lead to her losing the love of her life.