I Choose You 2

They’re back! But this time with more drama than ever. New faces are in the mix this time which leads to more drama. Loyalty and relationships are being tested.
Can Ka’lani handle Tyrone having a new, sexy, and single assistant manager?

Not only is this new assistant manager sharing Tyrone’s time with Ka’lani, she’s also sharing something else with her and that’s not sitting well with Ka’lani at all. Will Tyrone be tempted to just one last time step out on his wife and will that one time cause him his marriage?

Since the day Tisha and Otis got together it hasn’t been anything except drama. Love will make you do some crazy things. Love will make you do things that you swore up and down you would never do. All Otis ever wanted was to make Tisha his girl but will he end up losing her in the end?

Take a ride with the hood’s hottest couples, Ka’lani and Tyrone and Tisha and Otis. Filled with that thug love, drama, sex, and murder. The number one question that everybody has been dying to know will be answered… Did Tisha really die that night? Get ready because it’s about to go down!