I Choose You 3

I Choose You 3: The Matrimony

You thought part one and two had drama, well you haven’t seen nothing yet. This time, enemies are coming full force, not caring who’s in their way. In this final installment to I Choose You, relationships will be tested and some loyalty will be broken along the way. Part one and two, we took a ride with Tyrone and Ka’lani and Tisha and Otis, well joining us this go round is none other than Tamika and Pat, as well as Cevon and Kyla being in the midst of the drama, while it unfolds right before your eyes.

Come take a ride with the hood’s hottest couples. Will these couples be able to handle all the curves that are thrown their way? Will things become too much and have them ready to walk away? Will Tisha be able to handle the constant drama that continues to come at her? Or will she be forced to leave Otis and call of the whole wedding off?