Innocent 3


After his release from prison, where he served time on death row for a hideous crime that he did not commit, Innocent comes home a changed man. He can’t seem to shake the demons from his head; the racist attacks on his life, the violence, the killings, and the many men that he killed in order to survive life on the Row. He is determined to make a new life for himself and Tamara, his new bride and childhood sweetheart, and her children. He soon discovers that the old adage, you can’t make a wife out of a “hood rat”, is true, when Tamara is caught betraying him.

Innocent’s world is further devastated when psychopathic madman, Ghetto Bin Laden, kills the one person he loves most, to settle a score with him. Innocent has no choice, but to seek revenge. In his wake, he leaves behind a trail of bodies in the streets of Atlanta, as he searches for the phantom killer Bin. The cops are on his trail and when things seem hopeless, the pimptress Kenisha Williams mysteriously appears. She is willing to help him find Ghetto Bin, but she wants something in return, something that Innocent thought he’d never compromise.

How far will Innocent go to get revenge? Will he survive the streets of Atlanta and find the killer before he finds him? Who will be the last man standing? THE EPIC SAGA CONTINUES…