It Was Always You

Their souls had tied them to one another before their mouths exchanged their first words.

Nehemiah Walker and Monroe “Slim” Campbell have gone to the same church for years, but it isn’t until Slim’s life is placed on the line at work that they speak to each other. Instantly, a bond binds their souls together in a way that neither expected or desire to break loose from. Even though their union has increased their happiness, it has wreaked havoc for those around them – mainly Nehemiah’s family and the mother of his three children.

Church musician by day and drug dealer by night, Nehemiah has had no desire to leave the game behind or cut ties with his scheming, controlling father and the church or his unfaithful and unappreciative baby mama. It isn’t until he met Monroe that that changed. With Nehemiah carrying so many secrets for his father and the church, enemies and threats surface from the most unexpected places, but Nehemiah is willing to go to hell and back to secure the small piece of peace and heaven he’s found in Monroe.