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Kasper and Kai 2

Trying to shake back from the loss she suffered and the love she lost, Kai attempts to put the pieces of her life back together. However, she never thought that she would once again cross paths with Kasper, but the way the stars are aligned for the two, it seems as if it’s fate. Finding out that Kai is pregnant with his baby ignites something deep within Kasper, but there’s only one problem; Tyra.

Kasper is living his not so happily ever after with a woman that he took vows with, but now he feels as if it was all just a simple mistake on his part. However, Tyra isn’t willing to give up her marriage without a fight, and a woman scorned can be a dangerous thing. Mario and Neek are in the honeymoon stages of their relationship, but is it all a façade? Is Neek willing to uproot her life for the sake of her happiness?

New faces, new love, and new tragedies plague the pages of this story. Can Kai and Kasper’s love stand the test of time? Or will things be too much for them to handle? The snakes in the grass are hissing and will do whatever it takes to keep the two apart.