Kasper and Kai

What do you do when the man you know is supposed to be yours belongs to someone else? How do you feel when you know that she’s the one who is about to carry his last name?

Meet Kai Johnson, a beautiful twenty-five-year-old young woman from Charlotte, North Carolina. She’s the youngest of her mom’s two children, and her big brother is her best friend. She’s a free spirit who hasn’t quite figured out what she wants to do with her life yet. When tragedy strikes, it leaves Kai wondering how she’ll pick up the pieces.

A chance meeting with the dark, handsome, and mysterious Kasper Santino sends her on a whirlwind of emotions. Kai never believed in love at first sight. She never even thought it existed, but when she crosses paths with Kasper, her mindset changes. Only thing is, he belongs to another.

Kasper Santino has had his fair share of struggles and demons that he still battles with to this very day. His first meeting with Kai has him thinking about her every chance he gets. He wants her, but he’s set to be married to another woman who’s carrying his child.

The broken realities that they face may be the very thing that brings them together.