Keisha & Trigga 2

Trigga can show you how to love a woman, but Keisha can show you how to love a thug…

After finding out that Mase is not only working with Lloyd, but he is also Trigga’s twin brother, Keisha’s left with a tough decision – should she trust her mind that tells her to leave Trigga alone and escape while she can, or should she follow her heart and stay with the man who she finds out will stop at nothing to protect her? And even if she finds an answer to that question, how will he react when he finds out that she has a connection with Lloyd that he knows nothing about?

Trigga is in a constant battle of wills. His mind tells him to leave Keisha alone; she’s a distraction that he can’t afford to have, especially now that he is dealing with the betrayal of his brother. But the feelings he has for her commands him to do otherwise. And the more he thinks about Keisha, the stronger his desire to protect her from the situation he created and the deeper his feelings for her grow. In an effort to pull back on his feelings, he turns to Tasha who is supposed to be a one-night-only kind of fix. But when his involvement with Tasha lasts for more than a night, Trigga finds himself in a deeper situation. On top of that, there is still the situation with Lloyd and Queen….Can he juggle it all?

In this second segment of Keisha & Trigga, there is a constant struggle between logic and love as everyone struggles with whether to follow their mind or follow their heart. Can love conquer all? Find out in this second installment of Keisha & Trigga.