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Kody & Kaci

If it don’t make dollars, then it don’t make sense is the phrase that Kaci, a drop-dead gorgeous young girl believes in. With a body that can make a blind man see, and a tongue slicker than oil, Kaci can easily bring a grown man to his knees and talk him right out of his pockets like a crooked preacher addressing the congregation. After her father’s untimely death when Kaci was just a little girl, Kaci, her brother, Rodrick, and mother, Karen, are left to figure their lives out without the man who has always led the way and provided for them.

With Karen’s new boyfriend, J-Lo, in the house beating her silly, Kaci feels that she’s living a nightmare and the only outlet is sex, drugs, and money. She builds up a strong resentment toward her mother and turns to the most dangerous streets of Houston. No longer having a father to teach her how to love herself, Kaci makes up her own rules and develops her personal beliefs on how a woman is supposed to conduct herself. With a heart as cold as ice and a mind made of Teflon, Kaci lives life on edge until she finally meets her match, Kody. Not only is Kody paid, but he’s sexy and smart as hell. He also has a mind that’s just as tough as Kaci’s.

When their worlds collide, Kaci finds herself swept off her feet. Kody is nothing like the men that Kaci is used to. He challenges her and makes her feel worthy, but he also plays hard to get, which only makes her want him more. However, Kody isn’t as perfect as he seems. With Kody having a crazy baby mama straight out of hell, Kaci is now caught up in something that she never in a million years thought she would be involved in.

The rule that Kaci always taught herself was never to love a man, but now that Kody is so deep in her mind, she’s unsure of herself. Kaci has to make a decision; go back to what she knows or stick it out with Kody, knowing he comes with baggage.

Find out what happens in another Sha Jones’ love story.