Life 3

When Stevie D., one of Life’s old foes surfaces to take revenge on Marcus for killing his son, Marcus Thugstin is placed into a whirlwind of drama that finds him fighting for his life and searching for his mother, Black Pearl, as well as Kayla’s mother, Nandi. But in the midst of this, he has Mike Spitler on his tail, the son of another one of Life’s old foes, and Spitler has made it his business to be a constant thorn in Marcus’s side.

With Blazack to his right and Kayla not far behind, Marcus sets out to take action in the streets in the same way his father did before him. But with history repeating itself, will Marcus make it out alive? And will Kayla prove to be the ride or die that she always promised she would?

As fate would have it, Marcus is devastated when the love of his life is brutally murdered. Then things take a turn for the worse when the one person he thought he could trust, betrays him.