Love Me 3

Za’Kai and Takari have what it takes to be relationship goals in Miami. It’s almost hard to believe that the two of them haven’t known each other their whole lives because they seem to just click. They’re compatible, but the question is, will it work? This is a woman walked straight out of a marriage and jumped into something very serious with Za’Kai.

Za’Kai, on the other hand, hasn’t been in a serious relationship with anyone in years, so he wants this relationship to work with Takari more than anything, but how much is he willing to sacrifice for it? These two lovers already have kids of their own and somewhat of a life outside of each other, so are they willing to take on another load, which is their undying commitment to each other? In the final installment of Love Me, find out if Za’Kai and Takari can make this love thing be the magical ending that they both so rightfully deserve.