Loved by a Memphis Hoodlum 2

Loyalty and respect – that’s what Ivory Gaye built his business and his family on. In part one of ‘Loved by a Memphis Hoodlum,’ Ivory commits the worst betrayal of all. Part two picks up with the Gaye sisters dealing with their father’s actions in different ways.

For Ives, she’s focused on her life and her man… refusing to let her father cause any more havoc in her life. For Wren, she’s focused on proving to her father that she’s worthy of the throne in Ives’ place. For Maverick, she’s focused on the consistent mental battle of good versus evil. Revenge versus karma. Love and life versus death.

Three different sisters, three different reactions and one betrayal, far greater than their father’s, that threatens to pull the family and their relationships with the Humphreys brothers even further apart.