Loved by a Memphis Hoodlum

Ives, Wren and Maverick Gaye’s lives were planned out for them before they were even born. Not just by God, but by their earthly father. Ivory Gaye has headed the largest criminal organization in Memphis for the past twenty years. His iron fist gained fear and respect, while his community involvement gained love. And because of who he is, his daughters are known as royalty.

Haze, Cruz, and Quest Humphreys travel all across the United States taking over every cartel that their father, Carl, commands. When these brothers return to Memphis, they expect business to be their priority as usual. That changes the moment they meet the Gaye sisters.

As Ivory ages, he stresses more and more the importance of learning the family business, getting degrees in his chosen fields and marrying the men he chose for them all. Marriage in his eyes is a matter of power, wealth and partnership. There is no room for love. Because of this, Ivory makes it his mission to marry his daughters off one by one as they finish college.

For all of their lives, the Gaye sisters have grown up under their father’s leadership, control and order – willingly going along with his plans every step of the way. Will the return of the Humphreys brothers be the end of the Gaye’s reign and the beginning of love for all… or will Ivory find a way to make them bow to his rule?