Loving You Without Limits 3

What’s going to happen with Rodney Jr, now that Rodney has been served with papers from his childhood best friend, who is seeking full custody of his son? The custody battle is only a portion of the drama that Rodney is facing in his life. Also, what’s going to happen now with Troy coming back into the picture?

A battered and broken Troy shows up at Rodney’s doorstep after ten years. Where do the two of them go from here? Is there still any love in Rodney’s heart for Troy? If not, there’s definitely love in Troy’s heart, and she’s going to prove that to Rodney. She’s going to do the unthinkable for him, but the question is, will it be enough? Will the unthinkable be enough to make up for the last ten years that she’s been gone from Rodney and her son’s life?

One of the main questions that we never got to answer in this loving you without limits series is where exactly did Rodney Wiggins come from? In a way, it’s almost as if he was just put on this Earth with no backstory. Could his parents be alive and well and have been in Miami this whole time? What did they lack that it caused them to be absent from Rodney’s life all these years?