Loving You Without Limits

Rodney Wiggins. That name rang bells through just about every part of South Florida. Rodney is a senior in high school, and just about every university wants him to pick their school for college due to his phenomenal skills on the football field. The thing about Rodney is that football is his first true love. Growing up in a foster home and being transferred to group homes his entire life, Rodney never really knew what love was. He had his baby mama, Troy Washington, who he loved and he thought she felt the same until he finds out that Troy’s intentions with him weren’t genuine.

Something happens to Rodney that put his football career in jeopardy. The people who he thought cared about him exited his life as soon as it was clear that his future may not be as bright as they’d hoped.

Years later, things have changed, and Rodney is stuck raising a child on his own. Feeling hopeless and defeated, he meats Eva Vasquez. Eva is the woman that men salivate over and hope to one day have a woman even half as beautiful. She works as a chief executive for a very successful magazine company and could pretty much have any man she wants, but what is it about Rodney that has her willing to look past his flaws and see the man she knows he has the potential to be?