Luvin' a Virginia Street King 2

What was supposed to be a cruise to help all parties relax and bond, has turned into a life-changing event for all of them.

Marlon must deal with the revelation that his wife is not only married but married to his brother who he never knew existed. The revelation is a double-edged sword for Marlon. He’s relieved that he is free to explore a relationship with Courtney. However, dealing with Gia’s lies and deceit is weighing him down. Marlon and Courtney have more than enough drama with their exes determined to destroy what they are trying to build. Will this new budding relationship be able to withstand the storm?

Delon is determined to be a part of Adrian’s life, as well as be actively involved in her pregnancy. Will Delon succeed in taking control of the situation away from Adrian, or will her controlling ways push Delon away?

Keno and Heidi are the epitome of opposites attract. Keno has never been in a relationship, but he knows that in a relationship with Heidi, he must protect her from any harm, and most importantly protect her heart. Is Heidi prepared for the havoc Keno is ready to deliver all in the name of love?

Jakkar is at a turning point in his life. All he wants is one more chance to get himself together. What will his test results reveal, and how will he deal with impregnating a stranger?

In this finale, Author Toy will show you what it really is when you’re “Luvin A Virginia Street King.”