Luvin' a Virginia Street King

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us. Those were the thoughts of two groups of friends who were successful in each of their chosen professions when they decide to embark on a 10-day cruise. However, the cruise turns out to be more than just a sail-abration when secrets are revealed, and Cupid is playing the background

Courtney and Marlon seem to have this bond where they can’t stay away from each other. They try to keep their friendship platonic to respect the relationships they have with their partners, but what happens when the main and the side start swapping places.

Adrian and Delon have no problem with just being vacation baes, or so they thought. When the heart wants what it wants, the brain will never win.

Heidi and Keno seem to be polar opposites, but yet so much alike. They matched each other’s fly and grind, yet they fought the inevitable. Heidi was the soft spot that tamed his wildness while Keon was the protector she didn’t know she needed.

Tianna and Jakkar appear to not have a care in the world and were living life on the edge. However, their decisions come back in a major way and left them wondering if they will be able to bounce back.

Take a ride with Author Toy as she shows you how it is when you’re “Luvin a Virginia Street King.”