Miami's Superstar 2

I think that everyone can pretty much agree that love isn’t easy. Even when two people desperately love each other so much, that still doesn’t make it easy. In fact, in order to have that “perfect love” that we all hope and pray for, we’ll have to go through some bumps and bruises along the way.

Messiah and Ryan have what it takes to be that “it” couple. The chemistry between them is amazing, but can Ryan see it? Can she see that she has a man in Miami who desperately loves her, or will she go running back to her fiancé, Devin, in Philadelphia? This big secret that Devin has been keeping from Ryan, how will she react to that? It’s so many things in Ryan’s life that are getting in the middle of her becoming that Miami Superstar that she’s destined to be. Not only is the talent there but the support from Messiah is there as well, but can she see it?
After almost eight years of being apart from each other, can the two of them finally make it work or will Ryan hold herself back from true happiness?