Miami's Superstar 3

We’ve all witnessed this couple thrown curveball after curveball, and we can’t help but question if this relationship will last the way that we’re all hoping for it to last. Ryan has endured a very hectic life for as long as she can remember, and in the end, all she really wants is her happiness. The thing is, Messiah is her happiness; it’s been that way since she was seventeen years old.

The way Miami’s Superstar 2 ended, we have to question if Messiah is even strong enough to withstand the bullets that entered his body. Could that night outside the studio possibly have been the end for them? If it wasn’t, can this couple finally get it together and give each other the love that they both so desperately long for? In the final installment of Miami’s Superstar, I promise you that it’ll make you laugh, cry, smile, and hopefully, in the end, all questions will be answered. We all want the same thing for Messiah and Ryan, and that’s for them to finally get it right and have that happily ever after that belongs to them.