Miami's Superstar

Ryan Brownlee. Such a beautiful girl, but life was doing a number on her. She had been dealing with heartache pretty much since she graced the world with her presence seventeen years ago. At a young age, she’s become familiar with watching her mother be her boyfriend’s punching bag.

All Ryan wanted in life was for her mother to leave her abusive boyfriend, Malik, so the two of them could peacefully live their lives. Not only was she dealing with emotional problems stemming from her mother’s relationship, but she was a high school senior dealing with depression and low self- esteem, simply because she didn’t see the beauty in the heavy set, black queen looking back at her in the mirror. She then meets Messiah Washington. A guy who’s musically talented, sexy, a few years older than Ryan, and could have any woman he wanted, but he was interested in Ryan.

The title of this book is Miami’s Superstar because even with all the turmoil that Ryan was dealing with, she was talented. Some would even say that she reminds them of a younger Whitney Houston. The question is, does Ryan know that? Can she become the Miami Superstar that Messiah is setting her out to be, or will she just throw it all away?