Rescued By the Love of a Real One 3

Kylan may still need to find his enemies and deal with them; however, the biggest battle he is facing right now is himself. Kylan can’t help but to question himself and more importantly his judgment. He can’t seem to figure out how he keeps choosing the wrong one. It’s making him doubt his every move, creating an internal battle within himself. Will Kylan ever get rescued by the love of a real one?

Nichelle is doing her best to live up to Jimmy standards, but what she has yet to recognize is that he loves her just how she is. He only wants her to get the notion that sometimes, less is more, and it’s okay to let your man lead. Nichelle may have to learn this lesson the hard way, as she has no idea the dangers that Jimmy is trying to keep her protected from. Will Jimmy’s love be able to rescue Nichelle?

Ty’Kym is over all the drama that’s been going on. He wants nothing more than to eliminate all the adversaries that have risen against him and his family. However, Ty’Kym is trying to balance his business affairs with his new family’s needs. In this final installment, he is determined to show Michelle she is the one who has been rescued when she believes the opposite. Ty’Kym has been rescued by the love of a real one, and he doesn’t care who knows it.