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Saved By His Thug Love 2

At the end of the first installment of Saved by His Thug Love, baby girl, M.J., dropped a bomb on Grace. What will Grace say or do when she learns that Nic is carrying yet another one of Trouble’s kids? Just as she and Trouble thought they were flourishing, everything comes crashing down as quickly as it started.

Nic says she will get her man come hell or high water, and she’s pulling out all the stops to make that happen. However, with Grace in her way, her plan to snag Trouble and live as his leading lady and not just his baby mama is in jeopardy. She knows she will have to take drastic measures to get Trouble away from Grace because he is slowly falling for her. Well, Grace had better be careful because, underneath all that understanding baby mama talk, Nic was a bitter baby mama who wanted her rightful spot on Merci’s arm.

Gigi knew that Grace wouldn’t be with her willingly, so the plan with Nic would hopefully work out in her favor. Being in love with Grace was weighing on her, and she wanted the woman she had loved for so long. Will she bow out if Grace doesn’t return her love, or will she show her that if she can’t have her, then no one will?

Merci is falling hard for Grace, but he is unable to give her what she longs for. As bad as he wants her to be his woman, he has Nic lurking in the shadows ready to destroy it all. Will he be able to keep Nic in her place as he figures out what to do about his relationship with Grace? Will he come clean with Grace about what he and Nic really have going on?

Secrets, lies, and betrayal are at an all-time high in this finale. No one can be trusted, and everyone is out for themselves. When everything hits the fan, will Grace stand a fighting chance with Trouble or will he be just that in her life? Trouble. This finale is explosive, and things you never saw coming will come to light. Find out what happens in Saved By His Thug Love The Finale.