Securing the Plug's Heart 2

In this finale, Keoni has taken on more than what she planned. With Emil away in prison, it’s her duty to run the business without her right hand and not allow what has been built to crumble. The secret she’s holding back from everyone will surely bring on a change of events as well as the secrets that are held against her. Emil coming home seems slim to none, and the streets are in high demand for his presence.

Tiaura is suffering through her emotions from her mother’s passing, knowing who was behind it all. Just when she has pushed Shaqir away to welcome her husband back in, she’s hit with more devastating news. Finding her way back to where her heart rests, she has to swallow a hard pill that she caused for herself.

With this series coming to an end, revenge is on the top of the list, and blood must be shed for closure when it boils down to the crew. Follow through on the turn of events that are sure to keep you on your toes.