Securing the Plug's Heart

Project living, day to day survival, and complete access to the streets, this was Keoni Howell story before she was thrown into a cell. Never warned that the same heart that is shielded behind a barricade of ribs could draw you to such limits. Her heart in human form, Cardel, made it all worth it at the time. Being institutionalized, she’s finally set to be released. Upon regaining her freedom, she’s set to take over where her bloodline has taken a pause. Before she’s handed the torch, she’s tested like never before but turns it into revenge. Taking the streets on, she’s forced to team up with Emiliano and Shaqir, who are seasoned in cocaine distribution. Instantly, Emil and Keoni’s chemistry begins to blossom, and in no time, their feelings are on full display. With a growing empire comes the bloodshed. Emil thought he left all his problems behind until he’s hit with the betrayal of a lifetime. An arrest no one saw coming could be an end to all.

Everything love is about, Tiaura thought she had with her husband, Shamon. When he’s taken off the streets that he gained riches from, she’s put into an investigation room to finish detective work. Routine questioning ended with her being booked in a cell, taking a charge. From cellmates to sisters, Tiaura is freed to join what Keoni has started. Meeting Shaqir fresh out, it isn’t love at first sight, but a mission to make each other’s life hell! Shaqir falls into death’s clutches, arising problems that are too close to home. Tiaura then takes matters into her own hands and goes against the grain to save Shaqir. She’s doesn’t take into account her own life. On the run, it’s now to the death. Will she be dragged right into death’s clutches? Or make it out alive on a blink? Will Keoni be taken down before she can fully step into her power?