She's Gotta Have It

She’s Gotta Have It: A Hood Love Story is the tale of three sisters, Andi, Zooey, and Josalyn Richardson, who were abandoned at a young age by their globetrotting parents. Forced to live with their rich and overbearing grandparents, the girls grow up privileged and very entitled. When their grandparents suddenly die, the sisters inherit a large amount of money, and are finally able to live as they please; a lifestyle their poor grandparents would’ve never approved of.

Andi and Zooey are determined to make their dreams come true, and will do anything and anyone they need to in order to get there. They will lie, scheme, and maybe even murder. Josalyn, on the other hand, is more interested in living a normal life, despite her sisters’ advice. She want’s someone who will love her for her, not someone who is number one on the charts.

As they wished, the sisters are thrust into Hollywood by way of their very famous significant others, including unwilling participant Josalyn. All is well until they realize that these famous men are not all that they’re cracked up to be. Some are crazy, overbearing, and very taken. To make matters worse, while attempting to achieve fame and fortune, Andi and Zooey develop a reputation for themselves that seems to precede them wherever they go. Will they realize that their reputation is more important than scheming to bed a famous man? Or will it be too late?

On the brighter side, Josalyn seems to have snagged the man of her dreams in rapper Cassian, but is he really the man of her worst nightmare?

She’s Gotta Have It is filled with deceit, murder, love, lies, and plenty of sex.