Shorty Fell for a Miami Savage

Everybody doesn’t have the perfect story growing up. Some people have to play the hand that they were dealt and let the cards fall where they may. In this case, that’s exactly what happens, but what do you do when the one person you want is off-limits? Do you fight for what you want? Or do you allow your mind to overshadow your heart?

Whoever said that being the boss was easy had obviously never been a boss, not one to the streets, anyway. Is it possible to have love and power? Or must one be given up in order to have the other? It may be possible to have it all, but what happens when the truth comes to light and threatens to ruin everything?

Take a journey with these four individuals from four different walks of life, but ultimately walking the same path. Love, sex, deceit, murder, and money fill the gritty streets of Miami.